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 Northern Dales Farmers Markets

Urban Farm Mushrooms will be at Stokesley Farmers Market 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month.

See you there!  


Exotic and Gourmet Mushrooms 

Custom grown to your exact order


At Urban Farm Mushrooms we believe that harmful chemicals have no place in quality mushroom production

To meet that demand, we only use collected, UV and RO filtered rain water to ensure our Mushrooms are 100% free of any additives.   


Modern, vertical farming methods means we can minimize the land needed to grow Supreme Quality Mushrooms. 

Using the latest computer control methods, we can minimize the resources needed, such as LED lighting, humidification, and heat and coolant exchange. 

Our specially built, fully insulated grow rooms mean we can save vital energy resources, passing savings on to you. 

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Buying from local producers means the product arrives to you in one of our refrigerated vans as fresh as possible, you get a longer shelf life, and better value for money.

Our substrate ingredients are sourced from local agricultural and sawmill waste, and then when spent, this is given away free to local allotments and veg growers as a soil conditioner. This helps the cycle of sustainable food production.

Pleurotus citrinopileatus, the golden oyster Urban Farm Mushrooms
pink oyster mushroom Urban Farm Mushrooms
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